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​​​Lynette Foley, LMT

Colorado License MT.0016536

I've attended massage school twice!  My original training was with massage "Hall of Fame" therapist Lynn Wind in Kailua-Kona Hawaii in 1991. In 2014 I completed an additional 500 hours at the Connecting Point School of Massage in Telluride.

I'm committed to providing sessions that make my clients feel exceptional.

I endeavor to approach each session in reverence and humility. The philosophy of my practice is that "Each of us knows what is best by looking deep within."

Prior to the start of each session I conduct a brief but thorough client interview to ensure your goals are known, preferences addressed and the session is customized to your individual needs

Many of my clients enjoy deep tissue bodywork. I use Trigger Point technique. For the sake of the health of your soft tissue - I request that the degree of pressure used stay in the realm of the parasympathetic nervous system, where all healing occurs. This translates to pressure of up to a 5 on a scale of 10. Who wants to be sore after a massage?!

This means that you can thoroughly relax and let go. No gripping and wishing "this too shall pass" during your session. You'll be relaxed and able to breathe into the work. In this way, your body's own healing response can step in, creating lasting results.

The style of guided mediation I use is 100% conscious and self-directed. It can be spiritual or scientifically based. You choose what works for you. My goal is to harness the power of your mind in order elicit the best results possible.

I've practiced in Telluride since 1995 and have I've been lucky enough to call Trout Lake home since 2012.​​

Client Feedback

  • "Your massage was a highlight of my trip." Barb L 7/31/18
  • "Definitely 5 Star" Ray W, Los Angeles 2/17/18
  • "Best massage ever!" Chris Z, Telluride 3/3/17 (6 yr client!)
  • "It was a combination of super-relax and therapeutic" Sari M, NYC 1/2/17
  • "Amazing massage!!!" Audrey 2/17/16
  • "Fabulous massage in calm and nurturing environment." Rochelle 2/5/16
  • "I wish I could take you home with me!" Kathe 2/8/16​
  • " Thank you for the best massage ever. You seem so nice and you r kind, caring persona shines through. I fee great and appreciate your talent!" Jan H. 9/22/16

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