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My Story:

When I was 15 years old a friend's mom suggested I learn Transcendental Meditation or TM as a stress management tool. Since then I've been meditating on a regular basis. 40 years later I can attest that learning to meditate has been the best thing I ever did!

On my journey I've sampled many styles of meditation, mindfulness, and stress management tools. The list is long but the highlights include: Shamanistic vision quests, Hindu mantra based meditations, Yogic chanting, Buddhist sitting technique, as well as studying the work of Barbara Fredrickson PhD at UNC at Chapel Hill and attending lectures on the science of meditation presented by Stanford University's CCARE & Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. 

For years my personal practice centered around the Christian affirmations from the Daily Word publications. These days I'm most inspired by the words of Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Since August I've begun a daily devotional singing practice. Over time the way I meditate has changed with me.

After meditation came to the rescue after a personal crisis in 2009 I started teaching in 2010. I felt like if this tool - my medicine - could help me, certainly others could benefit. At this point I've taught beginning meditation to nearly 100 students ranging in age from 7-70.

Although I started teaching in groups and I now work mostly with individuals one-on-one basis both in Telluride and internationally via FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype.

Your Story:

Your practice will be designed around your personal preferences - tailored to your specific lifestyle and can be either spiritual or purely scientific in approach.

Meditation instruction is delivered in a initial concise 45 minute appointment which can be live in my office or via FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp video call.

Cost is $250 per individual for one-on-one sessions - which  include two additional "check-ins" via phone or email to answer any questions or if you  need support as you integrate sitting into your daily life.

Family instruction is available in multiple sessions - with individual session(s) for parent(s) followed by in-person group instruction including kids. To develop a ritual that will stick I recommend that kids be taught live at home. Please contact me for more information and group rates.

I'm happy to help you design a practice that fits for you.

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Lynette Foley, Stress Management Specialist

Lynette Foley, Stress Management Specialist